Journal of Political Research

Journal of Political Science Research

The Journal of Political Science Research was launched in 2010.  The Journal is housed within the Creighton University, Department of Political Science and International Relations Department.  

We encourage all students who would like to have their political research considered for publication in The Journal of Political Research, to submit their original research to us.  Please read the information to contributors for the guidelines for submission.

2016 Journal of Political Science Research

Permanent Democratic Majority? The Legitimacy of Political Realignment Following the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections

Joshua Lozancich


2014 Journal of Political Science Research

Article Title




Do Term Limited Legislators
Vote Differently?

Mike Abboud

Creighton University

The Effects of Internet Usage on Voter
Choice in the 2012 United States
Presidential Elections

Media Ajir

Creighton University

The Tea Party in Congress:  Examining
Voting Trends On Defense and International Trade Spending Legislation.

Peter Ganz

Creighton University

What Influences a Country's Likelihood to
Experience Battle Related Deaths?

Helen Langfeldt

Creighton University

The Impact of Social Media on Social
Movements: The New Opportunity and
Mobilizing Structure

Amandha Rohr Lopes

Creighton University

Politics, Economics and the Duration of
Unemployment Insurance

Stephanie Oliver

Creighton University

Where are the Women?  Examining the Gender Gap in the Percentage of Women Elected to Latin American and Caribbean National Parliments

Alexandrea P. Swanson

Creighton University

Variation In Medical Marijuana Support

Ian Terayama

Creighton University

Identity Fusion: An Examination of Unions
and Political Behavior

Marissa Theys

Creighton University

Pay for Performance: The Relationship between Teacher Salaries and Student Achievement

Tara Whitley

Creighton University

The Impact of Monetary Contributions on
Medicaid Expansion Decisions in the 50

Claire Wilka

Creighton University

2010 Journal of Political Science Research

2011 Journal of Political Science Research