Journal of Politcal Research - Instructions to Contributors

Instructions to Contributors


Overview: The Journal of Political Research publishes high-quality papers reporting original research in political science.  Undergraduate and graduate students of any class or major are encouraged to submit research articles that contain original analysis rather than literature reviews.  The JPR does not review manuscripts that have been submitted at other journals.   

Our articles are reviewed under a double-blind review process using assistant editors at Creighton University.  Authors may be asked to revise their manuscripts before they are accepted to publication.  Manuscripts selected for publication appear on our Website Journal of Political Research.  The journal is published yearly in each spring. We require that once a manuscript has been accepted, it cannot appear in another journal.

Manuscript Length: Manuscripts submitted to JPR should be no longer than 30 pages with all double-spaced text in 12-point font.  This includes notes, citations and references.  Each figure or table is counted as one separate page.

Supplemental Information: If an author states that additional information is available on a personal Web site or will be provided to interested readers, the information should be included in the submission packet.  Because this information will be forwarded to reviewers, we ask that all documentation be completely anonymous without reference to the manuscript?s authorship. 

Abstract: An abstract is a required component for all submitted manuscripts. Abstracts should appear on the title page, preceding the first page of text. The Abstract should be a single paragraph that parsimoniously describes the premise of the research project as well as any important findings. It is not necessary to include references and citations to other work within the abstract.

Author Self-Identification Issues: Authors should remove all self-identification information from their manuscript before submitting it for consideration.  Authors should remove all personal acknowledgments, statements of gratitude, and information regarding any grants or other financial support that was provided for the research reported in the manuscript.  All of this information can easily be added back into the manuscript if it is accepted for publication.

Submission Procedures: Authors should follow the electronic submission procedure to send manuscripts to the Journal of Political Research (JPR). While submitting manuscripts, the following information must be included on a cover letter:

    (1) Complete mailing address and institutional affiliation
    (2) Email address
    (3) Telephone number

In the case that multiple authors contributed to the manuscript, information on all authors is necessary, with one author clearly designated as the contact author for the manuscript.  Once designated, that individual will receive all communication with the editors. Note: Manuscripts are not returned to authors unless revisions are requested prior to publication.

Authors should submit manuscripts following this submission procedure:

Two versions of the paper should be saved.  One should be saved as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (.pdf) and the other saved as a word document (.doc).  These files should be attached to an email message to the Editor at  The email message should contain all of the cover letter information described above.  Please refrain from sending multiple PDF files or word documents, as all components of the manuscript should be included in the two files.

Both papers must be identical. Additionally, both files must contain all textual components, tables, and appendixes. Do not submit tables, charts, or other additional information as separate files.

Please note that JPR staff members will not read or convert papers that are not submitted in .doc, or .pdf format. Any paper received that is not in one of the two accepted formats will be returned to the author without comment. Any electronic manuscripts submitted in non-PDF formats will be returned to the author without comment.

Any questions regarding the submission process should be directed to the  

Formatting Requirements:

All submissions must be cited in APSA (American Political Science Association) style. Information on APSA style can be found at:


Agreement between the Journal and the Copyright owner

    • The agreement between the Journal of Political Research (the Journal) and the copyright owner (the Owner) of a paper (the Paper) includes the following:

      • The Owner warrants the she or he has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights granted in this Agreement.
      • The Owner hereby grants to the Journal a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty free license to publish or distribute the Paper, to enter into arrangements with others to publish and distribute the Paper, and to archive the Paper.
      • Both the Journal and the Owner agree that further publications of the Work, with the same or substantially the same content as it appears in the Journal do not require acknowledgment of prior publication in the Journal.