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Internships in Uganda

Meet and Greet with Dr. Jamie Van Leeuwen - Executive Director of the Global Livingston Institute


Wednesday, October 7th 3-4PM (Skutt 104) 

OR  Thursday, October 8th 9-10AM (Skutt 105)


A 1996 graduate of Creighton’s Psychology Department and the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Van Leeuwen serves as a senior advisor to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and has directed the GLI since its founding in 2009.


Dr. Van Leeuwen would like to meet any students who may be interested in completing research internships with the GLI in Uganda.


Past GLI interns have worked in fields like hospitality, public health, education, agricultural sustainability, government, and business entrepreneurship.


Specific projects have included a mental health assessment for rural communities, a community-needs assessment in the Lake Bunyoni region of southwestern Uganda, a work-skills program for recent Ugandan college graduates in Kampala, and research on HIV prevention education's cross-sectional relationship with church and state entities.

Click for more info about Global Livingston Institute