Lupo Research Award

Vic Lupo Research Presentation Award - April 11, 2019

Jill Brown hosted the proceedings by describing Vic's history with the department. She also introduced three faculty judges (Gary Leak, Lee Budesheim, and Josh Fairchild) and each student, who gave formal summaries of their research.

Dr. Jill Brown

Participants included Nikki Chinen (Different Forms of Religiousness and Their Complex Relationship with Prejudices) and Olivia Kennedy (Uncovering the psychological implications of what it means to be a stranger in Namibia, southern Africa through a decolonized method).



A question and answer period followed each presentation, following which the judges retired to another room to review their evaluations. Lee Budesheim presented Olivia Kennedy with the $250 prize for her presentation.

Kennedy and Budesheim

The link below shows the faculty judges and Jill Brown congratulating the student presenters.