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Dr. Jill Brown Creighton professor announces legislative run

Dr. Maya Khanna Study Shows Lead Affects Boys More Than Girls  

Dr. Lee Budesheim How Much Do Looks Matter in Presidential Politics?



The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship proudly announces the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Awardees:

College of Arts and Sciences Dean?s Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars:

Shannon Cooney, ?The Effects of Leader-Subordinate Mental Model Congruency on Creative Problem Solving Performance and Commitment?
Faculty mentor: Dr. Joshua Fairchild


Tinotenda Sekeramayi, ?Culture and Cognition: An Examination of Cognitive Categorization and Developmental Timing in Zimbabwe?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jill Brown


Haley Sturges, ?Moral Reconation Therapy in Federal Probationers: Determining Program Efficacy and Importance as a Measure in Reducing Rates of Recidivism?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Huss

CURAS Jesuit Mission Summer Undergraduate Research Awardee:

Mary Elizabeth Yeh, ?How Does Childhood Lead Exposure Impact Cognitive Function and Prefrontal Cortex Development in Children and Adolescents??
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maya Khanna

College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program Summer Research Fellows:

Drew Weiner, ?Memory loss as self-enhancement: Memory bias in individualist and collectivist cultures?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Lee Budesheim



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