Only Available to Students Who First Enrolled at Creighton Before Fall 2014

Major Information


Old Course Requirements for Psychology Majors

To complete a major, a student must have a minimum of 34 credit hours in psychology courses, with a minimum of 2.00 GPA average for these psychology courses. Specific course requirements are as follows:


  • Complete all Group A courses 
  • Complete five courses in Groups B through D, one from each group and two additional courses. No more than two from each group may count as psychology foundational courses. If you take more than two courses from any group, these additional courses will serve as elective courses.
  • Complete at least nine hours from among any psychology course offerings as electives (Note: these can be additional courses from Groups B through D if one chooses)

The core and foundational courses in psychology are arranged into the following categories:

Core Courses Required of all Psychology Majors

  •   Group A
    • Introductory Psychology (201)
    • Research Methods and Statistics I (313)
    • Research Methods and Statistics II (315)
    • Research Methods and Statistics Lab (316)

These courses must be taken in the sequence listed and Research Methods and Statistics Lab must be taken in the same semester as Research Methods and Statistics II. We recommend that these courses be completed as early as possible because they form the basis for further study in the department.

Foundation Courses in Psychology

Students must complete at least one course in each of the following groups (B through D).

  • Group B
    • Cognitive Psychology (431)
    • Motivation and Emotion (433)
    • Learning: Basic Processes (434)
    • Sensation and Perception (436)
    • Physiological Psychology (437)
  • Group C
    • Infant and Child Development (341) -or- Adolescent and Adult Development (342)
    • Psychology of Personality (343)
    • Social Psychology (344)
    • Abnormal Psychology (351)
  • Group D
    • Undergraduate Internship in Psychology (326) -or- Undergraduate Internship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (474) 
    • History and Systems of Psychology (424)
    • Honors Seminar (491) or Advanced Behavioral Research (465)
    • Evolutionary Psychology (426)
    • Multicultural Issues in Psychology (428) -or- Psychology of Gender (473)


Students must complete a minimum of three elective psychology courses (nine credit hours). Any course offered by the department qualifies as an elective. Students should consult with their major adviser when considering which electives might be best for their career goals. Click here to see a complete listing of psychology courses.