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Minor in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuropsychology

Program Description

The minor in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuropsychology provides a systemic introduction to the neural basis of mental functioning and behavior, both normal and abnormal. It includes research from experimental work done with both humans and animals, as well as findings from clinical human populations. The goal of the minor is to provide a balanced, synthesized, and integrated view of what we know about the brain and its relation to cognition and behavior.

Declaring a Minor in Neuropsychology

Click here to declare a minor using the College of Arts and Sciences on-line application process. We will process your application, determine if all requirements are met, and assign an academic adviser. A minor in Psychology is not possible if the student is a Psychology Major.

Course Requirements for Neuropsychology Minor

The information below applies to students who first enrolled in Creighton University during or after the Fall of 2001.
To complete the minor, a student must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in the following psychology courses. Course requirements are arranged into the following categories:

Foundations (a student must complete all three of these courses)
    ◦    Introductory Psychology ( PSY 111)
    ◦    Psychological Statistics (PSY 211)
    ◦    Physiological Psychology (PSY 437)

Students must complete three additional courses from the following lists, with at least one course from Group A and one from Group B.

Group A

    ◦    Neuropsychology (PSY 361)
    ◦    Sensation and Perception (PSY 436)
    ◦    Drugs and Behavior (PSY 481)

Group B

    ◦    Psychology of Memory (PSY 362)
    ◦    Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (PSY 367B)
    ◦    Cognitive Psychology (PSY 431)
    ◦    Learning: Basic Processes (PSY 434)