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    Psychology Resources


Preparing and Applying for Graduate School in Psychology

This series of 12 videos takes prospective graduate students step-by-step through the preparation, application, interview and admission processes. The presenters combine decades of advising experience and research findings with evidence-based and anxiety-reducing strategies for mastering each step.

Job Prospects for Psychology Majors
According to experts, this is a good time to be considering a degree in psychology.  Despite the current job market, jobs in the psychology field are growing. Find out what new and exciting careers are in demand for psychology majors.

Voluntary Research Procedures (Sona System Student Guide)
This short guide describes the procedures for signing up for a study, participating in it, and gaining credit for it in one's psychology course.

Reinert Alumni Memorial Library Psychology Research Guide
A valuable guide for research in psychology.

How to Get a Good Letter of Recommendation
Here are some tips if you plan to ask a faculty member in psychology for a recommendation for graduate school or professional school. It is helpful if you provide the faculty with as much information as possible.

Information Form for Recommendation Letters
Fill out this form and provide it to the faculty member(s) who will be writing a letter of recommendation for you.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology