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Student Publications

In Press

Badura Brack, A. S., Millard, M., & Shah, K. U. (in press). Are peer educators really peers? Journal of American College Health,

Cherney, I. D., & Rendell, J. A. (in press). Bridging the sex gap? Effects of testing medium and question type on visuospatial sex differences. Perceptual & Motor Skills

Gonsalves, V. M., Scalora, M. J., & Huss, M. T. (in press). Prediction of recidivism using the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised and the Psychological Inventory of Criminal Thinking Styles within a forensic sample. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Gunderson, J. (in press). The junction between psychopathy and substance abuse. Journal of Psychological Inquiry.

Lagoni, L., Crawford, E., & Huss, M. T. (in press). Treatment outcome in a dual diagnosis group of methamphetamine abusers. Addiction Research and Theory

Rendell, J., Huss, M. T., &  Jensen, M. (in press). Expert testimony and the effects of a biological approach, psychopathy, and juror attitudes in cases of insanity. Behavioral Sciences & the Law.

Scott, S., Gilcrist, B., Thurston, N., & Huss, M. T. (in press). Sexually violent predator legislation and public perception. Behavioral Sciences & the Law

Skovran, L., Huss, M. T., & Scalora, M. J. (in press). Sexual fantasies and sensation seeking among psychopathic sex offenders. Psychology, Crime & Law.

Wernke, M., & Huss, M. T. (in press). An alternative explanation for cross cultural differences in the expression of psychopathy. Aggression and Violent Behavior.


Bartholomew, T. (2009). Gender ratio and stereotype threat in academics. Modern Psychological Studies.

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Laffey, A. (2009). The solution to unprotected teenage sex: High school condom distribution. Journal of Psychological Inquiry, 14, 25-27.

Norris, S. (2009). Keep condoms out of school. Journal of Psychological Inquiry, 14, 27-29.


Cherney, I. D., Brabec, C., & Runco, D. (2008). Mapping out spatial ability: Sex differences in way-finding navigation. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 107, 747-760.

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Johnson, J. (2008). An undergraduate’s perspective on the undergraduate research experience: From a trained monkey to a scientist. In R. Miller, B. Beins, R. Rycek, M. Ware, E. Balcetis, & R. Smith (Eds.), Developing, promoting, & sustaining the undergraduate research experience in psychology (pp. 280-282). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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Cherney, I. D., Harper, H., & Winter, J. (2006). Nouveaux Jouets: ce que les enfants identifient comme « jouets de garçons »  et « jouets de filles » (New toys for tots: What preschoolers identify as “boy and girl toys”). Enfance, 3, 266-282.

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Ralston, A. (2006). Minors should not need parental involvement in order to obtain an abortion. Journal of Psychological Inquiry, 11, 95-97.

Wunder, S. E. (2006). An argument for mandating parental consent of abortion in minors. Journal of Psychological Inquiry, 11, 93-95.