Internship Placements

The Undergraduate Internship in Psychology course at Creighton University provides a variety of experiences designed to give junior and senior psychology majors exposure to the practice of psychology in "hands-on" situations. Internship has a dual purpose:
1. to give undergraduate psychology majors directed practical field experiences under professional supervision in some area of psychological services.

2. to create a positive connection between Creighton University and the Omaha metropolitan community by providing cooperating psychologists/agencies with additional personnel and services at no extra cost.

Application for Enrollment


Name: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______________


CU e-mail: _____________________________________________________________________


Phone: _____________________________________


Current Year:   Jr.     Sr.                 Age: __________           


Overall GPA: ______________  


Career Goal: ___________________________________________________________________


Plans following graduation from Creighton:

________ Medical School        _______ Dental School         ________ Law School


________ Graduate School (specify area): ___________________________________________


________ Employment (specify area): ______________________________________________


Previous/current relevant work and volunteer experience:







List the Psychology Courses you have taken:







Describe the general type of work you would like to do in the internship:





Have you done an internship in this program before?  Yes ______    No ______

Using the information packet about internship placements, rank order four specific preferences for agency placement:


1. ____________________________________        3. __________________________________


2. ____________________________________        4. __________________________________


Total number of credit hours planned for next semester:   _______

Credit hrs for Intern:    3   or   4

Number of hours/week planned for work next semester (other than Intern): ___________

Why do you want to have a psychology internship next semester?







What is your mode of transportation to the internship site?  ______________________________



  • Sign up for an interview with Dr. Badura Brack (HL 318) phone: 280-1229, or email: – Do this now!

  • Interview and Application completed by Wednesday, Oct. 31 (at 2:30pm).

  • Bring this completed application form to your interview.


Student Acceptance Criteria







Psychology major.






Junior or senior standing. (NOTE: Former interns receive first preference, followed by seniors and juniors, in that order.)






Grade point average of 2.75 or higher.






Completed at least five courses in psychology (by end of current term).






Demonstrated interest in the field, as well as a sense of maturity and responsibility in academic, employment, and volunteer activities.













Complete a placement interview with Dr. Badura Brack. For an appointment, sign up for a time on her door.






Commit adequate time and energy to the internship.










Class meets once every other week.








You will work at your assigned placement for a total of 100 hours over the course of a semester for 3 credit hours (approximately 7 hours per week). If you are taking the class for 4 hours of credit, you will work for 10 hours per week for a total of 140 hours.








Plan your semester schedule so that you will have large blocks of time for work at your placement. Blocks of time should cover both morning and afternoon so that you can participate in the variety of activities that take place during a day at a particular placement. Scheduling requirements vary with the placement; you will arrange specific hours with your on-site supervisor.








In addition to time, you will need adequate energy to complete an internship successfully. Evaluate carefully the rigor of your academic schedule, the number of hours you will spend in work/study or outside employment, volunteer commitments, and other commitments to Creighton (e.g., resident advisor, group leader, etc.). We want the internship experience to be fulfilling, both for you and for the cooperating agency. No one will benefit if you “burn out.” Do not apply for an internship until you are certain you have the time and energy to do so.








Provide your own transportation to and from the internship site. Determine how you will get to your placement before you request a particular assignment.







Internship Site


Internship Description


Specific Requirements




Abraham Lincoln High School




Abraham Lincoln High School provides a variety of services to its students. Interns may be involved in one or more of the following: participating in group sessions with students; meeting (problem-solving) individually with students about homework and emotional issues; attending meetings with parents, teachers, and administrators; observing evaluations and individual education plan development; observing and/or assisting in special education classrooms; meeting with students at Children’s Square and Passages.




Students must be available during school hours.

This internship is generally reserved for students intending to become school psychologists.




Immanuel Behavioral Services




Alegent Behavioral Services is a partial hospitalization psychiatric treatment facility for children, adolescents, and adults. The internship program includes group therapy, recreational therapy, and educational therapy predominantly with children and adolescents. Interns are expected to help facilitate groups, assist teachers, and plan various program activities.




Students must be available during school hours. Mornings are best for group therapy. Knowledge of psychological diagnoses is useful for this internship.



Behaven, Inc.




Behave'n Day Center is a specialized day treatment program for young children with severe and chronic behavior problems. An intern's experience would include designing and implementing behavioral treatment plans and teaching alternative prosocial behaviors along with the documentation of progress. There would also be day-to-day treatment center activities (e.g., play, art, puzzles, food preparation, cleanup, music, preschool activities, etc.). Interns would also be expected to help facilitate parenting activities and parent support groups.




Students must prioritize training at the beginning

of the semester (Mon-Fri 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.)




Munroe Meyer Autism Intervention ACT program




The Munroe Meyer Institute Associated with UNMC serves toddlers diagnosed with Autism and other developmental spectrum disorders with behavioral therapy to maximize their potential. Interns will work one on one with a child providing an individually designed therapy program. Interns will also train and become certified in Applied Behavior Analysis.




Students must be available during school hours. Knowledge of child development and dysfunctional families is especially important for this placement.





Children at Risk Education (CARE) Program




The CARE Program uses intensive home supervision and an electronic monitoring system to provide a more structured environment for youths who are under the jurisdiction of the Sarpy County Juvenile Court. Interns for the CARE program are in continual contact with the youths by way of telephone, as well as home and school visits.

Intern duties may also include working in the Intervention Center. This Center is used during high risk or unstructured evening or weekend hours to monitor the youths’ progress in school and/or to gain greater insight into their personal lives by way of interview techniques. In addition, interns in the CARE program are afforded opportunities to experience other aspects of the criminal justice and legal system.






Some evening and weekend hours have been available at this setting as well as regular working hours. Some students have elected to go on

home visits with CARE officers in the evening hours.




Iowa Department of Correctional Services




The Iowa Department of Correctional Services interviews clients in the Pottawattamie County Jail to obtain background information. Verifies information with family and others. Runs/obtains criminal record information and provides all information to a judge before court begins. Completes paperwork signing clients upon pre-trial when released by the court. Maintains ongoing records of any contact with clients and others.




Need to be able to work early A.M. – Start at 6:00 A.M., Please note that these hours are not negotiable.




Omaha/Douglas County Victim Assistance Unit




Victims’ assistance unit works with victims of crime. We help navigate crime victims through the criminal justice system, assist with filing legal papers (protection orders, misdemeanor warrants, compensation forms, etc.), refer crime victims to local agencies for whatever their needs may be (food, shelters, and financial or medical assistance). Training will be provided. Flexible hours during business day 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.




Ability to coordinate and participate in the work of interviewing distraught individuals and instilling the confidence to press charges and testifies in court against perpetrators of crime. Some work is

calling victims of crime on the phone and offering referrals.




Woodrow Wilson Junior High




The primary objective is to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience with the delivery of one-on-one counseling psychology to junior high school aged students by participating in a supervised counseling activity.




Good interpersonal skills that can help at-risk students. Students must be available weekdays 8:30-2:30. Interns at this site should be willing

to work individually with clients throughout the internship.




Women’s Center for Advancement WCA




The WCA is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. This placement has opportunities to provide services and education to women suffering domestic violence and/or help facilitate a batterer’s treatment group.




The site has flexible hours, but because it is a

new site this year, we will have to work together with their staff to determine the best work for our internship to complete.