We are located on the fourth floor of Creighton Hall. In addition to our administrative office, staffed by Ms. Angela Batson, we are located in three areas of the top floor of the administration building: the head of the main stairs (Mr. Ault, Drs. Dilly, Bergman, Rosales, and Roedlach), the north end of the building, (Dr. Murray), and the Political Science Corridor to the west (Dr. Irlbeck).

In addition to faculty offices, we also operate the Angus Room, the Social Science Data Lab and the Native American Photo Gallery, all on the top floor.

Come up and see us some time!

Department Mission

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work houses the disciplines of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work as well as the independent interdisciplinary program of Justice and Society. We strive to achieve the unique goals and objectives for each of our areas of study while also reflecting the goals of Creighton’s Jesuit Catholic mission.

Sociology stresses the exploration and understanding of social relationships. Anthropology focuses on skills and knowledge related to the study of culture. Justice and Society forms students in a well-educated solidarity with the real world to be leaders in addressing issues of social justice.

We, as faculty, are dedicated to research, teaching and service. Our special contribution to student centered learning is increasing our students' awareness of society and culture as contexts that shape the quality of human life. All of our programs aim to develop students as agents of social change through close collaboration in student research, service and learning. We are an integrated department, assisting students as they prepare for a variety of careers.