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Sociology/Anthropology: Dr. Rebecca Murray

Social Work: Dr. Barb Harris

Health Administration: Dr. Christina Clark

Justice & Society: Dr. Roger Bergman

Department Mission

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work houses the disciplines of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work as well as the independent interdisciplinary program of Justice and Society. We strive to achieve the unique goals and objectives for each of our areas of study while also reflecting the goals of Creighton’s Jesuit Catholic mission.

Sociology stresses the exploration and understanding of social relationships. Anthropology focuses on skills and knowledge related to the study of culture. Justice and Society forms students in a well-educated solidarity with the real world to be leaders in addressing issues of social justice.

We, as faculty, are dedicated to research, teaching and service. Our special contribution to student centered learning is increasing our students' awareness of society and culture as contexts that shape the quality of human life. All of our programs aim to develop students as agents of social change through close collaboration in student research, service and learning. We are an integrated department, assisting students as they prepare for a variety of careers.


During Founder's Week 2015, several members of our department were nominated or awarded for their commitment to Creighton University's students and mission.

Nominations for the CSU Awards:

Fr. Lukaszewicz, S.J. Staff or Administrator Award 2015

Ms. Angela Batson

Teaching for Tomorrow Award 2015

Dr. Barbara Dilly


College of Arts & Sciences Awardees:

Award for Professional Excellence - Major Advising

Dr. Laura Heinemann

Award for Professional Excellence -- Service

Dr. Rebecca Murray

Award for Professional Excellence -- Non-Tenure Track Teaching

Ms. Kristin Fitzgerald



Diverse Opportunity:

Programs in our Department:

Cultural Anthropology

Medical Anthropology


Sociology - Criminal Justice

Justice & Peace Studies

Social Work

Health Administration & Policy

Welcome Faculty:

Dr. Sabrina Danielsen, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

My research interests focus on the sources of unity and division in American public life, particularly as they relate to religion. I have studied religion and how it intersects with politics, environmental issues, gender and sexuality issues, and health.

I am excited to learn more about the projects and issues that students are passionate about. Creighton students are remarkably passionate about many social problems affecting social life and I look forward to learning how I can help support these interests.



Dr. W. Ryan Wishart, Ph.D.

University of Oregon

My research interests focus on the intersection of ecology and political economy. I have done research involving questions of extractive industry, underdevelopment, and environmental justice, as well as elite coroprate networks shaping environmental policy.

I?m excited to teach in the smaller classes here at CU and to get to know what environmental projects individual students and campus groups are working on in the region.