The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work has developed and received approval for a new graduate program in Medical Anthropology. The program is designed to provide a usable skill set for health and health care in an increasingly complex world through taking seriously the important factor of culture. This cultural approach to health and health care makes the program unique and complementary with other health-related programs. With its emphasis on fieldwork and cultural analysis in the light of biomedical knowledge, the program furthers the excellence of healthcare professionals. The program promotes strategies for equitable access to effective health care both domestically and globally. The courses are primarily offered online. The master's program consists of twelve courses (36 credit hours). Students select one of the following program paths: the thesis tracks are (1) the Field Research Track and (2) the Library Research Track. The non-thesis track is (3) the Practicum Track, which includes a capstone paper. The graduate certificate program consists of six courses (18 credit hours). Creighton undergraduate students can, in their final semester, take 600-level courses in this program.

For more information please visit the admissions page of the Creighton University Graduate School and the program's webpage.  You may also contact the Program Director, Dr. Alex Roedlach for information about the program.