Program Description:  The major in Justice and Society combines requirements for the minors in Sociology and Justice and Peace Studies, with the support from other departments. Most JAS courses are crosslisted with other departments and programs. Consult those listings for course descriptions.  The JAS major, which may be completed with a Sociology, Anthropology, Native American Studies or Criminal Justice Focus, requires 37 credit hours.

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Justice and Society Major: Completion of SOC 101,  SOC 102, ANT 111 or NAS 101 with a grade of C or better, plus 3 credits in a Sociology or Anthropology course with a grade of C or better.
B. A. Major in Justice and Society: 37 credit hours

(One of the the following)
ANT 111 Introduction to Anthropology
NAS 101 Introduction to Native American Studies
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology: Self and Society
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology: Social Problems (recommended)

(All of the following)
SOC 301 Social and Cultural Theory
SOC 312 Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences
SOC 314 Statistics for the Social Sciences

(All of the following)
JPS 365 Faith and Moral Development (repeated for a total of 3 credits; JPS 265 Cortina Seminar may be counted for one credit)
JPS 499 Senior Seminar
JPS 565 Catholic Social Teaching
JPS 588 Christian Ethics of War and Peace

(One of the following service-learning courses)
THL 342 The Church in the Dominican Republic
JPS 343 Ecclesiology in Global Context
JPS 361 Social Justice in the Dominican Republic
JPS 465 Faith and Political Action
JPS 470 Poverty in America
SWK 261 Introduction to Social Welfare

(Six additional elective credits in SOC and/or ANT chosen in consultation with the JAS Director, plus one of the following:)

ECO 203 Introductory Microeconomics
ECO 479 International Political Economy
EDP 361 Social Justice in the Dominican Republic
PHL 348 Philosophy of Feminism
PHL 358 Social & Political Philosophy
PLS 339 Public Policy and Poverty in the United States
PLS 435 Global Poverty and Development
PLS 481 Poverty, Development and Public Policy
PSY 428 Multicultural Issues in Psychology
SRP 435 Literature, Philosophy, and Economics: Perspectives on Commercial Life
SRP 465 Faith and Political Action
SRP 470 Poverty in America
SWK 261 Introduction to Social Welfare