Native American Studies Program Goals and Objectives

Goal: Students will be critical thinkers about Native American Issues
Analyze contemporary political situations
Articulate components of Native American Identity
Evaluate importance of religion in Native societies
Explain the transition from pre to post European contact economic systems
Describe the history and importance of treaties
Goal: Students will be knowledgeable about Native American diversity issues
Students will explain the ethnic, cultural, social, and religious diversity within and across the Native American communities
Students will articulate the different ways Native peoples incorporated ideas and technologies from people around them, both other Natives communities and later European peoples

Goal: Students will know the complexities of contemporary Native American life
Explain the importance of Native American voice and agency
Explain the conflict between Native American traditions and surrounding cultures
Articulate the issues that account for Native American invisibility 
Apply concepts of cultural change and persistence to Native 
American communities
Explain the importance of Native American perspective in articulating historical realties

Goal: Students will know how to address issues of historical injustice and inequality
Describe social redress mechanisms in Native cultures
Explain legal and political redress mechanisms in American cultures
Articulate issues of historical grief in Native cultures 
Describe the centrality of healing in Native Cultures
Goal: Students will be able to interact in culturally appropriate ways with Native peoples
Know culturally appropriate communication strategies
Use culturally appropriate communications strategies
Initiate and maintain successful learning relationships with Native people
Describe the ethical issues involved in engaging in research with Native communities