B.A. Major in Medical Anthropology

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Medical Anthropology Major: Students must complete 2 Anthropology courses with a grade of "C" or better. This means ANT 101, 111, 112, or 113 and one more Anthropology course.
Students may not double major in Medical Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology.

(One Introduction Course - 3 Credits)

  • ANT 101 Introduction to Native American Studies
  • ANT 111 Introduction to Anthropology: Human and Cultural Diversity
  • ANT 112 Introduction to Anthropology: Culture, Energy and Sustainability
  • ANT 113: Introduction to Anthropology: Determinants of Health

(All Core Courses - 21 credits)

  • ANT 301 Social and Cultural Theory
  • ANT 312 Quantitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences
  • ANT 314 Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • ANT 315 Healthcare, Society and Culture
  • ANT 316 Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences
  • ANT 363 Medical Anthropology
  • ANT 499 Senior Capstone: Applying the Social Sciences

(Electives - 12 credits)

  • Students may select any anthropology courses.

Students are encouraged to select as their Senior Perspective course one of the following:

  • ANT 424 Sustainability and Rural America
  • ANT 455 Food, Society, and Environment

Students planning to apply for admission to Creighton's MMA program are encouraged to include one or more of the following:

  • ANT  570 Geographic Information Systems
  • ECO 513 Health Economics
  • NUR 501 Global Health Issues
  • THL  534 Introduction to Liberation Theology

Students planning to go to any other graduate school are encouraged to include one or more of the following:

  • ANT 385 Community Internship
  • ANT 497 Directed Independent Research
  • ANT 570 Geographic Informaton Systems