The Criminal Justice Policy Minor

Program Description: The Criminal Justice Policy minor introduces students to the history, current structure, and processes of the American criminal justice system, including its principal components, the ethical issues surrounding each of those components, and the research that evaluates the impact of the system. It provides an introduction to the perspectives of other social systems and cultures, as well as the contemporary competing models of what a criminal justice system ought to be, both domestic and cross-cultural.

Minor Requirements: 18 credits

All of the following:
SOC 320 Sociology of Deviant Behavior 3 credits
SOC 321 Sociology of the Criminal Justice System 3 credits
SOC 341 American Cultural Minorities 3 credits
SOC 423 Law and Society 3 credits

One of the following:
SOC 307 Demography: World Population Issues 3 credits
SOC 309 The Urban Social System 3 credits
SOC 316 Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences 3 credits
SOC 317 Global Health Issues 3 credits
SOC 318 Gender in American Society 3 credits
SOC 325 Perspectives on Aging 3 credits
SOC 331 Industry and Society 3 credits
SOC 335 Technology and Social Change 3 credits
SOC 355 Environment and Society: Sociological Perspectives 3 credits
SOC 360 Gender, Society and Culture 3 credits
SOC 385 Community Internship 3 credits
SOC 424 Sustainability and Rural America 3 credits
SOC 440 Gender Communication 3 credits
SOC 455 Food, Society, and Environment 3 credits
SOC 570 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 4 credits
SOC 493 Directed Independent Readings 1-6 credits
SOC 495 Directed Independent Study 1-6 credits
SOC 497 Directed Independent Research 1-6 credits
SOC 570 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 4 credits

PLS 320 Judicial Process                                                                                                                       PLS 337 Constitutional Law