The Clark Award

The Dr. Jerry Clark award for an Outstanding Anthropology Student is granted at the end of each academic year.  This award embodies the spirit of the revered emeritus professor for whom it was named.  Dr. Clark is known for his commitment to the discipline, our department, the community and most especially, to his students.   

All graduating Anthropology majors are eligible for the Clark Award.  The student who receives the award, in addition to earning a cumulative qpa of 3.0 or better and graduating within the academic year the awards are bestowed, will demonstrate:

   a. Zeal for the discipline and its methods, goals, and advancement

   b. Outstanding service to and leadership in the major, department, college, university, and/or community

   c. Intellectual curiosity and critical and creative thinking abilities

   d. Commitment to collegiality, ethical behavior, and social justice within the discipline

If you are a senior with a major in anthropology and wish to be considered for the award please submit a vitae (resume) of your scholarly and service activities that addresses the above criteria to the department chair.  You will be informed by the department chair when the vitae is due.

Past Recipients of the Clark Award


Andrew Berding    

Kristin M. Czerminger