The Father Joseph-Francois Lafitau, S.J. Society

This undergraduate honors society recognizes achievement in anthropology by students in Jesuit institutions of higher learning. Ranked among the founders of the discipline, Lafitau was an early practitioner of the comparative method, known for sensitive ethnological fieldwork and language acquisition. Lafitau lived among the Mohawks in what is now Canada between 1712-1717. His Customs of the American Indians drew also on his extensive knowledge of classical and biblical languages and cultures to provide insightful comparisons to Mohawk culture. Members of the Lafitau Society shall exemplify both scholarship and service in their anthropological work in the context of a liberal arts tradition of Jesuit Education.

This award is sponsored by the Jesuit Anthropology Network, a confederation of anthropologists and anthropology programs from the 28 Jesuit institutions of higher education in the United States of America.

To be eligible for this award students must be involved in service, have a minimum of 12 credit hours in Anthropology, and at least a 3.4 overall GPA and a 3.5 average in anthropology.