Alumni Profiles 

Laura Crawford (Anthropology 2009)
"I was very nervous about my first semester at the University of Alaska Fairbanks - especially because so much is expected of Graduate Students.  At times I felt overwhelmed by my workload, but I was always able to manage my time and turn in work that was high quality.  Since I had been challenged at Creighton as an undergraduate, I was ready and able to perform at the Graduate Level.  My time at Creighton has also given me a different perspective on anthropological issues and a special concern for justice.  In my Structures of Anthropological Arguments course I was able to express concerns about human rights and contribute to the class discussion in an intelligible manner.  I really feel my time at Creighton has made me more aware of moral issues and has made service an important aspect of my life.  I feel that few other Universities would be so able to educate their students in this manner and make a difference." December 2009