Internships can provide you with an opportunity to learn more about how specific organizations conduct their work, and whether or not you have the skills and interests that might provide the basis for a longer-term relationship.

Some internships may involve a financial stipend. Many offer only an opportunity to gain experience in a specific organization. You may also enroll in SOC 385 Community Internships for academic credit. Enrollment in Soc 385 requires permission of the department and the instructor. If you have an idea of an internship you would like to pursue for academic credit, first contact the professor you would like to work with and discuss the idea. Your professor will discuss how you should approach organizations to learn of opportunities they offer, and of the things you will need to do to earn academic credit.

Governmental and non-profit organizations often offer competitive internships for which you must complete an application well in advance of when the internship will be offered. Usually these applications must be completed a full semester before the beginning period. Meet with your advisor within the department to learn more about opportunities that might be appropriate for you.