Student Learning Outcomes

CSWE Assessment

The Council on Social Work Education requires programs to make public how they are assessing the students in the Social Work Program and what the results of the assessment piece show.  Students are assessed on their mastery of competencies set forth by CSWE and the benchmarks set by each program.

Social Work Program Student Outcomes

As discussed in the linked document, the Creighton University Social Work program utilizes a developmental model of learning; meaning that students have multiple opportunities to hear information, refine skills, and have final assessment of this learning during the senior year.  Formal assessment as reported to CSWE occurs through the senior field practicum (see below for additional information) and the formal capstone paper and poster presentation.   

This first link is an example of the senior learning contract and evaluation tool utilized during the senior field practicum experience.  It is a dynamic tool that helps capture learning goals and activities that ensure each student is able to advance their skills in the noted 10 social work competency areas.  This second link is to the outcome data from the formal assessment.  Our program is assessing students on all ten competency areas in multiple behavioral indicators for each.  We have set our benchmark goal for student performance at 8.3 to align with the grading scale and minimum goal of 83% or B level of skill demonstration.