CSWE Assessment

The Council on Social Work Education requires programs to make public how they are assessing the students in the Social Work Program and what the results of the assessment piece show.  Sutdents are assessed on their mastery of competencies set forth by CSWE and the benchmarks set by each program.


Student Learning Outcomes

The overall benchmark for our program is 8.3.


The 2016-2017 data shows the aggregate achievement of social work students across all competencies and practice behaviors.





Signature Pedagogy

Our overarching philosophy is that the field practicum experience is for the benefit of student learning. Through the Jesuit tradition we prepare students for social work practice by guiding their development from student to professional through the collective efforts of the Social Work Program, the Field Practicum Agency, the Student and the University.  The Social Work Program extends our gratitude to all who help prepare students to not only carry out the directives of the Council on Social Work Education and the Social Work Code of Ethics but the Jesuit charisms as well.