Social Work Admission Process

NOTE: The Admission process is being updated and will be posted at a later date. Initial step - declare your major through the College of Arts and Sciences. Thanks for your patience!



"Generalist practice is the application of an electric knowledge base, professional values, and a wide range of skills to target any size system for change within the context of four primary processes.  First, generalist practice emphasizes client empowerment, the process of increasing personal, interpersonal, or political power so that individuals can take action to improve their life situations" (Gutierrez, 2001, p 210)[1].  Second, it involves working effectively within an organizational structure and doing so under supervision. Third it requires the assumption of a wide range of professional roles.  Fourth, generalist practice involves the application of critical thinking skills to the planned change process." (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, p.7, 2006)[2]


[1] Guiterrez, L.M. ?Working with Women of Color: An Empowerment Perspective? in J. Rothman, J.L. Erlich & J.E. Tropman (Eds) Strategies of Community Intervention (6th Ed.): Itasca, Il: Peacock. 2001

[2]  Kirst-Ashman, K., & Hull, G.  ?Generalist Practice with Organizations & Communities,?  Thomson/Brooks/Cole: United States, 2006


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