2016 Award Winner

Social Work student Sarah Huddleston was honored during Founder's Week as  "A Woman For and With Others" with the Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton Award. The Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton Award is presented to a Faculty, Staff, Administrator, or Student, who exemplifies the following criteria: she or he has created an environment supportive of achievement for women; has encouraged women faculty, administrators, staff or students in the development of their talents, or has served as a role model of accomplishment for women.

Social Work Admission Process

Social Work majors must complete a multi-step process to become accepted majors. These steps must be completed prior to registering for your junior year fall semester courses: Social Work 345 and 346 - Pre-Practicum.

The process is outlined here. If you have questions, please ask Angela Batson who is the Office Coordinator for the program.

  1. Declare "Social Work" as your major through the College of Arts and Sciences. This is only a declaration and does not indicate acceptance into the program. 
  2. Next, you will be added to the BlueLine course "Social Work Admissions."
  3. Complete the "Program Application."
  4. Complete the "Admission Essay."
  5. Complete the "Admission to Social Work Assessment."
  6. Three Letters of Reference -- Send this form to three people who can attest to your skills and ability to be a social worker. Each letter should be sent DIRECTLY to Angela Batson via email only from your referee. Students should not be collecting references first and then sending them to Angela.
  7. Read and complete the assessment of the Student Handbook and Field Practicum Manual.
  8. When all of these steps have been successfully completed, Dr. Harris will notify you of your acceptance to the program.
CCAS Application
Arts and Science Application