Grading Policy

Social Work Program Grade Policy

Grading is an important function of assigning final course evaluation to students.  The process consists of shaping exams and assignments to the course goals and objectives.  Also, it entails creating evaluation criteria/standards that students have ready access.  Consequently, the  Social Work Program uses the following student performance policy comprising both academic and professional evaluation.

Each faculty member (full-time & adjunct) must:

  • 1. Publish a written syllabus based on the mission, goals and objectives of the Social Work Program. 
  • 2. Publish all student performance measures (tests, assignments, reports, papers etc.) in all course syllabi.
  • 3. Present clear instructions for all performance related measures employed in the classroom. 
  • 4. Instructors are free to establish an array of student performance measures fitting the course.

The Social Work Program has adopted the following standards for grading for all social work courses, including practicum. 

A   = 100-93        B+ =  92-87        B   =  86-83
C+ =  82-77        C   =  81-73        D   = 72-67
F   = Below 66


Finally, since the Social Work Program is a professional program, it has deemed the following to be in violation of the NASW Code of Ethics.  Any observation of the following must be reported to the Program Director or Field Practicum Coordinator.

  • Behaviors indicative of chemical dependency
  • Diagnosed mental illness
  • Sexual relationship with clients
  • Repeated violation of the boundaries of the professional relationship
  • Violation of the client’s confidentiality and privacy
  • Repeated disrespect for diversity of clients
  • Repeated failure to completed assignments including learning contract
  • Repeated tardiness and absenteeism in the practicum
  • Unwillingness to consider alternative viewpoints when problem solving
  • Improper use of client’s finances
  • Failure to excuse or disqualify yourself in dual relationships
  • Repeated violation of agency policy and regulations
  • Irresponsible use of agency resources
  • Convicted of a felony while in the social work program