Social Work Program


Required social work courses:

SWK 261 Social Welfare Needs of Vulnerable Populations: Exploring Helping Role from Social Work Perspective

SWK 275 Human Behavior &  the Social Environment

SWK 298 Economics, Policy, and Social Welfare 

SWK 345 Practice I - Social Work With Individuals and Families

SWK 346 Pre-Practicum

SWK 435 Practice III - Advocacy, Injustice, Oppression and Ethical Decision-making

SWK 460 Field Practicum Seminar I

SWK 461 Field Practicum I

SWK 480 Field Practicum Seminar II

SWK 481 Field Practicum II


Pre-requisite and co-requisites


PSY 111 Introductory Psychology

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology: Self and Society

ONE of the following:

PSY 313 Research Methods and Statistices I OR

SOC 312 Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences AND SOC 314 Statistices for the Social Sciences