Eileen Burke-Sullivan

Eileen Burke-Sullivan, S.T.D. (Weston School of Theology)
Associate Professor
The inaugural holder of the Barbara Readon Heaney Chair in Pastoral Liturgical Theology

Director, Master of Arts in Ministry

Humanities 137


Book published:
The Ignatian Tradition
, co-authored with Kevin Burke, SJ. (Historical Spiritualities Series, Phyllis Zagano, Series Editor).   Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 2009.

Books in process of being submitted for publication:
Companions in an Ignatian Key: Forming Men and Women as Guides for the Spiritual Journey
.  Edited   collection of essays with introduction. 

Grasped By the Word: short essays on scripture passages and liturgical feasts co-authored with Dr. Robert Heaney, John A. Creighton Scholar and Vice President for Research of Creighton University. Submitted to Loyola Press, Chicago.

Pastoral Publications
Monthly reflections for the Creighton University Ministry Web Site for 2003-2011

"Is Gen Y Still Catholic?" Today's Parish Minister, Vol 40. #2, Feb. 2008, 12-14.

"Multicultural Liturgy" Today's Liturgy, Vol. 29, # 1, Winter (Dec./Feb) 2007, 28-29.

"Meditation on Hope" Catechist Connection, March, 2006, 2

"The Reconciled Life"  Parish Life, November, 2005

"The Sacrament of Reconciliation"  Parish Life, October, 2005

"Royal Priesthood" Eucharistic Minister, April, 2005, 1

 "Liturgy Sets the Agenda for Church Life," Pastoral Music, April-May, 2005

 "Real Presence" Eucharistic Minister, February, 2004

 "The Eighth Day" The Catechist Connection, April, 2004

 "One Great Sunday" The Catechist's Connection, June, 2004

 "Resurrection Time," The Catechist's Connection, March, 2004.

"Forming Parish RCIA Teams" Today's Parish, July, 2000.

"Celebrating the Lord's Supper" from Initiation and Its Seasons, edited by Virgil Funk: Washington: Pastoral Press, 1991.

"Stress and Lay Ecclesial Ministry" Human Development, Vol. 31 # 1, spring   2010.

"Women of the Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern Period." Essay in Women and the Shaping of Catholicism, ed. by Richard Miller.  Ligouri Press, St. Louis, MO, 2009, 74-89.

 "In the Crucible of Change: Women's Influence on the Church in The Years 1480 to 1700" from  Journal of Religion & Society, Supplement 5: Women, Gender and Religion, ed by Susan Calef and Ronald Simkins, Fall, 2009. 1-20. (Juried essay)

"Maintaining the Tension:  Freedom, Commitment and Discernment" The Way, October, 2004. (Juried Essay)

Recent Papers and Presentations: 
 "Poorly practiced, Misunderstood and Neglected:  The State of the Sacrament of Penance Today"  at the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Religious Education Conference.  March 18, 2011

 "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic: Making Meaning of the Spirit's Gifts to the Church" at the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Religious Education Conference, March 19, 2011.

 "Native Iconography of Latin America and the spread of the Catholic Faith," Presented at the Joslyn Art Gallery Summer Series on July 5, 2010. (Invited Lecture)

"Assessing for Attitudinal Growth through the Method of Casuistry" Spring faculty presentation during a 'Teaching Excellence Month' sponsored by the Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment, Creighton University, April 2010.

 "The development of ethical attitudes in the classroom: planning, implementing and assessing" Keynote for Spring Faculty Convocation of Iowa Western College, Council Bluffs, Iowa.  March, 2010 (Invited lecture)

"Evangelizing Through Native Iconography of Central and South America."  Presented at the Joslyn Art Gallery in the series 'CU at the Joslyn' in November 15, 2009 (juried lecture)

 "The Meaning of Catholicity in the American Catholic/Jesuit University" Ignatian Colleagues Program (ICP) Foundations I and II, sponsored by the Heartland-Delta Conference of Jesuit Universities and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.(Invited Lecture) St. Louis University hosting, January 2009 and Loyola University of Chicago hosting, August, 2009.

"In the Crucible of Change: Women's Influence on Church and Civil Structures Between 1450 and 1700"   Presented at Creighton University seminar 'Women, Gender and Religion'  November 6-7, 2008, sponsored by the Kripke Center and the College of Arts and Sciences.

"Veronica Still Walks the Road: The Passion in Everyday Life."  Joint keynote (with Kevin Burke, S.J.) at the Ignatian Spirituality Triennial Conference sponsored by Saint Louis University, July 29, 2008.  Published as an audio disk.

"Catholic Women of the Reformation Period." Presented at Conference on The Church in the Twenty-First Century at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, June 12, 2008. 

"The Spiritual Exercises as Ground of Ignatian Values." Lecture at Marquette University (Invited Lecture), March 26, 2008 

"Ignatian Spirituality: Does Gender Count?"  Faculty Colloquium Lecture co-presented with Kevin Burke, S.J. at Marquette University, (Invited Lecture) March, 2008  

"A Theological Consideration of the American Catholic Bishops' November Statement on the Reception of Communion by Dissenting Catholics" AAR Regional Meeting, March 24, 2007 (Juried lecture)

"Dying and Rising Ministries in the U.S. Catholic Church," Lecture presented at the CTSA seminar on the American Church, June 2005. (Juried lecture)

"The Significance of the Work of Yves Congar for the Life of the Church." (Invited lecture) Mary Dooley Lecture Series 2004-2005 at Elms College, Springfield, MA in April, 2005

"Reconciliation in a Scandalized Church" (Juried lecture) presented for the Sacraments Standing Forum of the CTSA, June 2004.

 "Reflecting on the Signs of the Times and the Mission of the Spirit in the Context of the Theological Insights of Yves Congar." (Juried lecture) presented to the CTSA Congar Forum, New Orleans, LA, June, 2002.

"The Relation of Faith to Reason." (Invited Lecture) Elm's College, Springfield, MA, 2001

"A Rocky Road from Sodality to Christian Life Community in the United States: A brief historical assessment of practical transition from private spirituality to a politico/spiritual movement in middle class American Catholicism." (Juried lecture) Presented to the Political Spirituality Forum of the College Theology Society, St. Louis, MO, June, 2000. 

2010, July 5-10:  Institute on the practice of Ignatian Prayer for Jesuits in formation and lay persons studying spiritual direction.  Primary presenter for 5-day institute at Manresa Jesuit Retreat Center, Dallas, TX.

2010, April 29-30: Two day institute on the nature and practice of Ignatian communal discernment for the Congregation of St. Joseph of Baden, PA.  Primary presenter for the two days.

2009 January to December, participated in an invited campus seminar sponsored by Graduate School and Office for Academic Excellence.  Entitled 'Scholarship of the Mind', the Seminar is supported by a CASTL Grant and is organized to produce an interdisciplinary volume of study to share practical thinking skills between professional schools, graduate programs and undergraduate programs of study.   The seminar expects to bring a joint book project to completion and publication.

Faculty Mission and Identity Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education.  For the last SIX years I have participated and co-led an on-campus invited seminar among all the colleges of the University that focuses on Ignatian values and Ignatian pedagogy as it influences the very raison d'etre of Creighton University.  This seminar requires participants to engage in a teaching, research or scholarly project that deepens their understanding and appreciation of the Jesuit identity of the University.  My project has been writing The Ignatian Tradition,(Liturgical Press, 2009) which will become a useful resource for the seminar in future years

Fields of Interest in Teaching: 
> Liturgical theology in life and practice
> The inter-relationship between liturgy and the practice of justice in Christian Life
> The nature of the Christian Church and its historical development of doctrine and practice
> Ignatian Spirituality and the practice of discernment
> Professional ministerial formation for clergy and laity
> The Role of Women in the Christian Tradition
> Interdenominational ecumenical theology and inter-religious theology (with a specialization in Jewish/Christian history and relations)

Fields of Interest in Research:  (interests are inter-related)
> Liturgical prayer and practice in the Catholic Tradition: uniting sacramental practice with theory
> The intrinsic relationship between liturgical prayer and justice practice
> The developing theology and practice of ministry in the Christian Church
> The work of Yves Congar, OP, a primary ecclesial theologian of the 20th Century
> The role of women historically through the Church?s history ? with special interest in women who founded religious communities
> The 16th-20th Century Christian/Catholic Church development of doctrine and practice in pre-modern and modern world
> Subspecialty in reforms of the Catholic Church surrounding the Council of Trent and the Second Vatican Council
> The character of catholicity within the Christian Church, its practice and failure
> The development and direction of Ignatian Spirituality, including Ignatian values in higher education
> The practical implications for the Catholic character of Modern Catholic Universities