James Jay Carney


Jay Carney, Ph.D. (The Catholic University of America)
Assistant Professor
Church History, Global Christianity

Humanities 131

Jay Carney's research has focused on the modern Catholic experience in Africa, particularly the Great Lakes region (e.g., Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo). He is also interested in
the theology and history of Christian social reconciliation, political theology, and the history of Christian missions. He holds a B.A. in history and political science from the University of Arkansas, an M.Div. from Duke University Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Church History from the Catholic University of America. Prior to coming to Creighton, he taught world history and worked in campus ministry at the University of Arkansas.


Recent Publications:
Rwanda before the Genocide: Catholic Politics and Ethnic Discourse in the Late Colonial Era (Oxford University Press, 2013).

"The People Bonded Together By Love: Eucharistic Ecclesiology and Small Christian Communities in Africa." Forthcoming with Modern Theology, 2014.

"The Danger of Description: The Ethnic Labeling of the Poor in Colonial Rwanda." Forthcoming with Journal of Religion and Society, 2014.

"Beyond Tribalism: The Hutu-Tutsi Question and Catholic Rhetoric in Colonial Rwanda," Journal of Religion in Africa 42.2 (2012): 172-202.

"'Far from having unity, we are tending towards total disunity': The Catholic Major Seminary in Rwanda, 1950-1962," Studies in World Christianity 18.1 (2012): 82-102.

"Roads to Reconciliation: An Emerging Paradigm of African Theology," Modern Theology 26.4 (2010): 549-569.

"Waters of Baptism, Blood of Tribalism?" African Ecclesial Review 50.1 (2008): 9-30.