Jill B. O'Brien


Jill O'Brien, Ph.D.  (Boston College)
Assistant Professor
Theological Ethics

Humanities 132


Research Interests:
Bringing the insights of Christian theology into broader public discussions of environmental issues and challenges. Intersections between theological ethics and policy-making, civic organizations and personal responsibility; primarily environmental ethics, also medical ethics.
Environmental justice and connections with liberation theology movements.

Recently Published Works:
Book review: Crisp, Oliver D., Jonathan Edwards on God and Creation (Oxford University Press, 2012), Toronto Journal of Theology 29:1 (2013).

Journal article: "High Casuistry and 'Frankenfoods': Retrieving a Centuries-Old Catholic Method to Address a New Secular Dilemma," Culture, The Graduate Journal of Harvard Divinity School 8:1 (Fall 2012). Link to article.

Recent Conference Presentations:
"The Inclusive Embrace of Christ: Envisioning the Redemption of All of Creation," College Theology Society Annual Convention: Iona College, New Rochelle, NY; June 2011.

"Nothing Gold Can Stay: Utilizing High Casuistry in the Analysis of Cases in Environmental Ethics." Poster Presentation, Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, Trento, Italy; July 2010.