Julia A. Fleming

Julia A. Fleming, Ph.D. (The Catholic University of America)
Professor and Department Chair

Humanities 135

Recent Publications:
Defending Probabilism: The Moral Theology of Juan Caramuel (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press), 2006.

"The Ethics of Therapeutic Abortion and An American Catholic Medical School:
Charles Coppens, S.J. and the Creighton Medical School." Journal of Religion
and Society, Supplement 7: Health, and Healing: An Interdisciplinary
Inquiry, ed. Alexander Rödlach and Barbara Dilly (2011): 112-133.

"Distinctions Without Practical Effect: Juan Caramuel's Apologema and Dialexis de Non-Certitudine on the Standard Classifications for Probable Opinions," in a special edition of the journal Filosofia entitled Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz: The Last Scholastic Polymath, eds. Petr Dvorák and Jacob Schmutz (Prague: Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, 2008): 87-98.

"The Death Penalty--Another Threat to a Culture of Life: Response to Teresa Collett" Journal of Religion and Society, Supplement Series 4 (2008), 126-134.

"When 'Meats are Like Medicines': Vitoria and Lessius on the Role of Food in the Duty To Maintain Life," Theological Studies 69 (2008): 99-115.

"Juan Caramuel and the Nature of Extrinsic Probability," Studia Moralia 42 (2004): 337-60.

"The Right to Reputation and the Preferential Option for the Poor," Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 24 (2004): 73-87.