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Deadlines and Decisions

Deadlines and Decisions

Application Deadline for the MA: December 1*

Application Process

Undergraduate: Apply through Undergraduate Admissions.

Graduate: Apply through the Graduate School.

Once ll required application materials have been received by the Graduate School, the application is forwarded to the Program Director. Generally, a decision is made and communicated within three weeks.

Those lacking the requisite undergraduate hours in theology are encouraged to delay formal application to the graduate program until completion of at least some (3-6) of the prerequisite hours. Prerequisites may be taken at Creighton by enrolling in University College. Contact Maureen Crouchley,, or (402) 280-2669.

In some cases, applicants are accepted into the graduate program on condition of completion of a preparatory program of prerequisites designed in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies in Theology. Such a program consists of courses in any of the areas in which an applicant lacks sufficient background to succeed in the graduate program: biblical studies, systematic theology, moral theology.

*The Five Year BA/MA Program with Teacher Certification requires 30 hours in theology for the BA and 27 hours in theology for the MA. If a student does not apply, gain acceptance, and take the course work for the fifth year MA portion of the program, then that student will need to complete six additional hours of theology (two 500-level courses) to complete the BA in theology, which normally requires 36 hours.

Last Updated: August 28, 2009