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Minor Programs

The Theology Department offers four minors, which are described below.

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Applied Ethics Minor

An interdisciplinary program of studies designed to provide students with an understanding of applied ethics from two perspectives, philosophy and theology. The minor introduces students to the differences and similarities in philosophical and theological approaches to applied ethics, different theories of ethics in these two disciplines and how to relate the two.

Biblical Studies Minor

The biblical studies minor examines historical, social and literary contexts of the biblical texts and their use in theological traditions. Students will explore the Old and New Testaments using the techniques of modern historical criticism.

Historical and Systematic Theology Minor

The minor in historical and systematic theology offers students an opportunity to explore the development of the Christian theological tradition in its historical complexity. The minor focuses on doctrinal themes such as Trinitarian thought, Christology and Ecclesiology, but these themes are always treated in the context of their historical development.

Christian Life Studies Minor

The minor in Christian life studies offers students an opportunity to explore the practical ways in which Christians ?grow in the image and likeness of God,? as that question has been addressed within the disciplines of Christian ethics and/or Christian spirituality. In Christian ethics, students investigate the basic principles, values and practices that ground an authentic moral life.

Last Updated: August 28, 2014