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As a Creighton University faculty or staff member, students may come to you for advice or assistance with personal concerns. There will be times when you believe it is appropriate to recommend that the student seek services at Counseling Services. There may be other times when you would like to recommend a book, a web site, or another office on campus.

If you would like to recommend a web site or a book to your student, please go to our "Self-Help Topics" section of this web site, click on the topic that is of concern to your student, and review the resources we have made available.

If you would like to recommend a campus resource to your student, please go to our "Other Useful Links" section of this web site, and click on the appropriate link. You may also go to the Creighton University home page and conduct a search for campus resources.

Consultation is Available

Please remember that the staff at Counseling Services is available to consult with you about whether and how to intervene with your student. We can help you assess the seriousness of the situation, discuss possible resources on and off campus, learn how to make a referral, and plan for follow-up. Please feel free to call (402) 280-2735 or come by Counseling Services to consult with one of our staff.