Health Services Staff

Welcome to Student Health Services your 'Home for Healthcare on Campus'.  Our staff works hard to assure the health of our students during their college years. Students may call 402.280.2735 to schedule appointments Monday-Friday.


Senior Director of Health Services
Debra Saure, MSN, APRN

Provider Group
Dr. Karin Priefert
Dr. Nathan Haecker, Medical Director
Theresa Abbott, PA-C
Debra Saure, MSN, APRN
Cathy Carrico, DNP, APRN-NP
Kim Hawkins, APRN

Clinical Support Group
Angela Maynard, RN, BSN, CPN -- Assistant Director for Clinical Support
Taylor Davison, LPN
Megan Filip, RN
Kim Iossi, LPN
Tina Penney, CMA, RT-Radiology Technician
Ann Pick, LPN

Marian Brown -- Senior Program Coordinator, Insurance Specialist
Terri Faga, Support Staff

Theresa Svoboda, RT, X-ray Technician; CPC, Billing Coder
Pat Zander, Support Staff

Campus Outreach
Sue Weston, RN -- Assistant Director for Campus Outreach
Tina Penney, CMA, RT-Radiology Technician

Health Aides

Health aides are available for all students in the residence halls and apartments.  They provide attention to our students' needs when we are closed. To access a Student Health Aide after hours, call Public Safety at 402-280-2104 and a Health Aide will be paged for you.

Our Health Aides for 2014/2015 are:

  • Andrew Lane
  • Colleen Morken
  • Drew Schramm
  • Brooke Stephens