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Learning real relaxation techniques is not always easy, so we have compiled a list of websites that we hope will help you learn real relaxation skills. Please note that many of these sites are neither maintained by the Counseling Center or Creighton. These pages may be helpful but are not meant to replace consultation with a mental health professional. We invite you to visit the Counseling Center to learn more about relaxation.

Progressive Relaxation Exercises: Here you will find the Progressive Relaxation Exercise and the Combination Relaxation Exercise. You can listen from your computer or download the MP3 file. This site is maintained by the Hobart and Smith Colleges Counseling Center.

Guided Imagery for Specific Concerns: Here you will find some various guided imagery exercises for dealing with issues like health difficulties, grief, pain, and self-confidence. This site is maintained by Kaiser-Permanente.

Meditation: This free site provides terrific virtual relaxation experiences that range from three to 10 minutes long for individuals seeking more serenity and calm. Experiences include soothing sounds, imagery, and deep-breathing techniques. This site is maintained by PGE.

Deep Breathing Meditation: This site offers five deep-breathing meditations ranging from two to nine minutes in an audio format. The first two are most recommended, and some of the offerings have a Buddhist influence. This site is independently maintained.

For more information on stress management and relaxation, please visit these sites:

Stress Recess: This is an interactive stress management website for students developed by the University of Texas.

Self-care and Relaxation: This site contains helpful tips on self-care and quick, easy deep-breathing exercises for relaxation. This site is maintained by the Loyola University Maryland Counseling Center.

Stress Management: This site includes information on the causes of stress, types of stress, and helpful tips on reducing and managing stress. This site is maintained by the Loyola University Maryland Counseling Center.

Stress Management Techniques: This site shows visitors how to analyze and plan to control stress and offers many good stress management techniques.

Four Types of Stress: This site describes four common types of stress, including triggers and strategies to reduce stress in each area. This site is maintained by Mind Tools.