These website links are provided for educational purposes.  They offer generally accurate information from a neutral values stance.  Counseling and Psychological Services does not specifically endorse any of the values-based advice offered on these links.  In making decisions, you are urged to seek out sources of information and wisdom that reflect your personal values as well as the religious, ethnic, and cultural traditions to which you adhere. 


  • Believing in Myself: Daily Meditations for Healing and Building Self-Esteem (Larsen & Hegarty)
  • Recovery of Your Self-Esteem: A Guide for Women (Hillman)
  • Self-Esteem (McKay & Fanning)
  • The Self-Esteem Workbook:  A Simple, Effective Program for Mater of Liking Yourself, Conquering Self-Doubt, Seeing your Core Worth, Rational Thinking, Body Appreciation, Affirming Thoughts, Enlarging Possibilities, Flop Inoculation; Forgiving Yourself, Loving Meditation and Liking the Face in the Mirror (Schiraldi)

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