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Internship Program

The training philosophy at Counseling Services follows the scientist- practitioner model. We are committed to a training philosophy which promotes ethical problem solving; evidence-based assessment and intervention practices; access to supervision that facilitates reflective, scientifically-based practice; access to a diversity of clients; research activities and training; and a plan which provides experiential learning combined with other modes of education. We value a variety of theoretical orientations, and staff members reflect a diverse collection of theoretical backgrounds.
Our training program addresses the individual needs of interns within our overall training philosophy. Individual needs can be expected to be different for each intern depending upon their professional preparation, interests, and abilities. Interns will be encouraged to develop goals within a college counseling center setting, specific to their individual learning requirements. These goals will be transferred into specific competencies to be developed during the training experience. Expectations will also be developed for the supervisory experience. These expectations will reflect the optimal supervision experience for interns. Consistent with the needs and goals of our interns, the training experience may provide opportunities for competency in several key areas:

1.    Practical experience in individual psychotherapy with students experiencing a range of developmental issues and mental health problems.

2.    Assessment of learning disabilities (reading, writing, mathematics) and prescriptive recommendations for improvement.

3.    Assessment of ADHD concentration problems utilizing both subjective and objective measures.

4.    Psychological evaluations of personality by clinical interviews, personality measures and projective instruments.

5.    Assessment of alcohol and substance abuse with recommendations and/or implementation of appropriate levels of treatment.

6.    Psychological writing of reports for learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, personality assessments and alcohol/substance abuse evaluations.

7.    Participation in group counseling activities and outreach programs/workshops on topics appropriate for college student development.

8.    Serving as an integral component of a university counseling center staff using a team approach to decision-making and to the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

9.    Exposure to a diverse group of clients by age, gender, ethnic origin, religion and geographic area.

10.    Consulting with an interdisciplinary team (psychiatrist, physicians, nurses, etc.) to coordinate client care.

11.    Providing supervision to practicum-level trainees.

12.    Working collaboratively with other offices on campus to serve students and to promote the mission of the counseling center within the Division of Student Life and broader campus community.

13.    Developing research skills through the completion of the dissertation or through research projects at the center. This research is typically completed during low-volume times.

The primary research involvement is the completion of the intern?s dissertation project. Our staff may provide substantive assistance (e.g., conceptualizing research questions, connecting the intern with data collection opportunities on campus), a critique of the research project, and/or a rehearsal of dissertation defense. Our center carries out ongoing research on client satisfaction, presenting concerns of clients, outcomes in counseling, retention of counseling clients, MBTI personality types among dental students, and the effects of learning disability assessment.


The predoctoral intern provides services at Creighton University while meeting once monthly for training at different sites within the Nebraska Consortium, and he or she does not rotate through sites throughout the year. However, the intern may visit two sites aside from his or her primary internship site during his or her tenure with the consortium. The two site visits (4-8 hours each) usually provide interns with an opportunity to become acquainted with policies, procedures and practices at sites different then their own home site.  All NICPP interns meet monthly at a specific site for training. In these meetings, the host site provides a training program for one-half day. The second half of the day is devoted to case presentations by the current interns.