Training Activities

Counseling Services

Creighton University
Harper 1034, Ground floor
Omaha, Nebraska 68178
Phone: (402) 280-2735

8:00-4:30 Monday
10:00-6:30 Tuesday
8:00-6:30 Wednesday
8:00-4:30 Thursday - Friday

Summer Hours

8:00-4:30 Monday - Friday

Individual Supervision

Interns will receive 2 hours of individual supervision per week. Assignment of supervisors is based on the intern's preferences and goals, as well as the needs of the center.  Supervisory assignments typically change at mid-year in order to increase the internís exposure to supervision styles and theoretical orientations. Interns have access to all senior staff and are encouraged to consult with them regularly as additional resources.

Assessment Supervision

Interns will receive training and supervision on assessment of concentration problems and learning disabilities. Supervision is conducted in a developmental model, with interns first observing assessments, then administering them, and eventually conducting the assessment and writing reports. Interns will also have the option to join a personality assessment seminar that meets once a week for 1 hour, focusing primarily on the administration and scoring of the Rorschach.

Supervision of Supervision

Interns may have an opportunity to supervise a practicum student. Supervision of Supervision will be provided in a group setting including both interns and senior staff. Supervision of supervision will be provided for 1 hour a week. Supervision should be recorded and will be reviewed during this time.

Case Conference

All staff (including trainees) meet weekly for 1.5 hours to discuss difficult clinical cases. Each staff member takes turns presenting. The focus of the case conference is on developing a conceptualization and generating possible interventions. It is expected that the presenter bring questions related to the case to guide the discussion. Additionally, presenters should be willing to be transparent about their own reactions and feelings about the case in order to address any potential interpersonal process issues

Didactic Training

All staff meet weekly for an hour to engage in some form of didactic training. Training modalities often include videos, continuing education programs (audio or video), or presentations by staff. Topics vary and can be tailored to the needs of the trainee. Past topics include crisis response, various therapeutic techniques, theoretical approaches, working with diverse populations, and ethics.

Consortium Training

Interns will meet monthly with the other interns in the consortium. Half of the day will consist of a didactic training, while the other half of the day will be intern case presentations and feedback. The intern will be responsible for presenting one case to the consortium.

GO! Programming

Interns will participate in the Division of Student Lifeís continuing diversity education program called GO! (Get out of your office; Get out of your comfort zone; Go out to the margins.)