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Alcohol Education

Creighton University takes seriously the need to educate new students about the importance of making good choices around alcohol. Our efforts are aimed at reducing high-risk drinking and asking students to abandon binge drinking behaviors.  Creighton University encourages students to follow the Blue Zone for their alcohol use.

Since September 2010, Creighton University has been a member of the Nebraska Collegiate Consortium--an organization committed to reducing high-risk drinking amongst college students. 

For New Creighton Students

The Health and Wellness Education office of Student Health Services coordinates the following efforts and initiatives to reduce high-risk driving amongst our first-year students.

  • Think About It -- A two-hour, on-line course required of all first-year students covering topics such as:  Creighton's Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Use & Abuse, Illegal Substance use, Prescription Drug Abuse, Creighton's Sexual Misconduct Policy, and Dating Violence.  Students are emailed information on how to log on in early August.  This is required of all new, first-year students.

  • Year 1 Cap -- A survey required of all first-year students attending Creighton University and part of a greater Nebraska Collegiate Consortium effort.  Students are emailed information on how to log on in early August.  This is required of all new, first-year students.
  • "Party Smart" -- One of several educational sessions during Welcome Week at Creighton University sponsored by Student Health Services and Peer Education at Creighton (PEAC).  This event includes Creighton Students addressing the alcohol culture at Creighton and concludes with Resident Advisors (RAs) facilitating a discussion with their floors about alcohol use.  This is required of all new, first-year students.

For Current Students

  • The Blue Zone -- Creighton's published guidelines for making good decisions around alcohol use.  Taken from the Creighton University Student Handbook.

  • Ongoing Education & Programming -- The Health and Wellness Education office in Student Health Services works collaboratively with Peer Education at Creighton (PEAC) to deliver programming and education for campus. 

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