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Parent Council Meetings

Mission Statement

The James R. Russell Child Development Center Parent Council is a group of parent volunteers who meet regularly during the school year. Through the Council, the parents, staff, and director have the means to expand their cooperative role and work together to achieve the best possible care and education of the children. The Council serves as a forum for the Center Director and staff to hear the perspectives of parents on pertinent issues, as well as a means for parents to receive reports from the director about actions taken or in progress. Council members promote the Russell Child Development Center as a part of the Creighton community and are involved in Center activities and fundraising. Meetings are open to every Center parent.


Membership in the Parent Council is open to each parent. Optimally, each room of the Center is represented by at least two parent members.  The Center Director, Assistant Director, and members encourage membership in the Council. There are no term limits. The Executive Director of Human Resources, the Center Director, and the Assistant Director are ex-officio members of the Council.

Parent Council Officers

A parent and the Center Director share the Council leadership. The parent Chair presides over the meetings and prepares the agenda with input from members and the Director. One member serves as a Co-Chair and one member as a Secretary. The Center parents elect the Council Chair, Co-Chair, and Secretary in the spring for 1-year terms beginning the next fall. New officers assume their positions at the first meeting of the new school year. Parent Council members elect a replacement for the remainder of the term for an officer who must leave his/her position. Other positions may exist as needed.

Council Meetings

The Parent Council's areas of concern are those, which pertain directly to the care, education, and safety of the children and the experience of the parent in the Center. These include, but are not limited to, curriculum, guidance and discipline, daily routines, classroom and playground safety, conferences, food and meals, field trips, family outings and parent education meetings. The Center Director considers the perspectives of Council members in planning future activities and decision-making.  

Parent Council members meet throughout the year. Dates and times are set by the Parent Council elected leadership. Each Center parent receives an agenda in advance of meetings. A teacher may attend meetings, work schedules permitting. 

Council Subcommittees

When deemed advantageous for the Council, sub-committees exist within the Parent Council.  Subcommittee roles include organizing fund raising opportunities for the Center and working to increase a sense of community among parents, children, and staff by planning family activities. 

Meeting Schedule for 2014-2015:

Monday January 19, 2015 12:00 (bring your lunch)



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Contact Us:

Ronna Sears-Fritz and Kathryn Thomas Bhatia Co-Chairs, TBD-Director, Shanna Harald-Assistant Director