Parent/Teacher Partnership

Parent/Teacher Partnership

The Center caregivers and the parent form a partnership in caring for and educating the child. Our desire is to provide a supportive atmosphere for the family. An essential element of that partnership is good communication between the Center and the parent. Frequent exchanges between teachers and parents about concerns, difficulties, and pleasures in the child's experiences are encouraged. Our goal is to impart information to the family frequently, both about the child and the Center, and to encourage the parent to converse with teachers about what is new and important in the family. If the teachers know of a family change or crisis, we can better help the child cope and also provide the parent with understanding.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit their child at any time. The children and the caregivers are delighted when a parent shares a special talent or hobby.  (Pictured left, parents Erin and Matt Averett share an archeology activity with the preschool class.)


Parents and caregivers are encouraged to share information daily.  Structured individual conferences are scheduled when the child moves from one room to another and when he/she leaves the Center. Conferences focused on the child's development are scheduled twice per year.  Parents may request additional conferences at any time.

Parent Council

The Parent Council provides a means of further involving parents in the Center. Membership in the Council is open to all parents.  The Council serves as a forum for the Center director and staff representative to hear the perspectives of parents on issues relating to the Center. Meeting agendas and minutes are distributed to all families, and parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. The Council sponsors several social and fund-raising events each year to build community between families. Council members serve as advocates for the Center in the University community.