Philosophy, Curriculum, and Goals



The Creighton University Child Development Center provides the nurturing essential to the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth of the child.  The care and education of the child is based upon a partnership between the Center and the family.  The Center is committed to supporting each family and the family's goal for the child.  The teachers hold a sacred respect for the child, which serves as the foundation for the care routines and curriculum.

The Jesuit tradition of service to others is a key element in the social norm of the Center.  Caregivers, parents, and students are dedicated to the concept of responsibility to the community and to the world.


The belief that 60 percent of a child's growth in intellectual, emotional, and physical skills occurs between birth and age six is the foundation upon which the Child Development Center's environment and practice are built. The child is engaged in learning centers with experiences and materials, which will challenge his/her mind and imagination. The caregivers facilitate the play and are co-learners with the child. Interests of the child are the key to expanding his/her knowledge and are used as guidelines when placing materials in the centers. Curiosity is valued and sustained by the child's exploration. Learning takes place individually and in groups of children working cooperatively. Children learn best in this interesting atmosphere, which encourages exploration and purposeful play.


The goals of the Creighton Child Development Center are to help the child grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, and to care for the child in a loving and accepting atmosphere. The teachers assist the child in becoming a self-assured, happy, and responsible person. The child's concept of the world is expanded, he/she is taught to relate to others, to value friendship, and to respect people of all races and religions. The Center's goals are completed by caring for the child as family members pursue studies or career.

The Center's goal for University students is to provide them with opportunity to observe and work with young children. Creighton students learn about child and family development through their experiences at the Center.