What Parents are Saying


"Russell Child Development Center is an excellent facility, ranking as one of the best, if not the best in town. I had my children at one other place and it didn't compare in quality, friendliness, or education. I would not want my children to attend anywhere else."

"My children attend the Creighton Child Care Center. We had tried a couple of day care centers before, and there was no comparison. Creighton hands down is a wonderful day care center, where your children have fun and learn in a very caring and loving environment, from outstanding staff and student helpers. I appreciate the wonderful care my children received there as they were growing."

"Having an accredited child care center on campus is extremely beneficial and convenient for me. The quality of the care and the preschool program are both important to me - knowing that my son is in good hands and that he is receiving the best care possible provides me with valuable peace of mind that could not be matched at any other center."

"We have had four children go through Creighton's center and were extremely pleased with the program. Our children are much better for the experience, and for the parents, both CU employees, the center was a source of comfort and peace of mind that the kids were in good hands and close by."

"I am a Creighton employee who, if I were able, would be a stay-at-home Mom. I believe that no one can take care of my children as well as I can, and it is a very big compliment to the RCDC that I seldom have worries about my child when she is at the Center."

"I love having my son so close to where I work. It makes it easier and I feel more at ease knowing the staff is qualified and encouraging of the learning. And, I can walk to see him at lunch if I choose to."

"I am not sure how I would have been able to stay as productive at Creighton as I have been without the Childcare Center - it is so comforting to know your kids are just around the corner, under the greatest of care."

"On-site daycare is extremely valuable to people who want to be the best parent and the best employee they can be. As your child grows, you have opportunities to interact by having lunch together, participating in parent group activities, and learning from other parents/colleagues. Quality care goes a long way toward alleviating the "am I doing the right thing for all of us?" guilt."

"When my son was in child care, it was beneficial to have a facility that operated the hours that were supportive of my work hours, close to my office, was a facility that I could feel safe leaving my child and had a program that was a learning environment that reflected the Creighton mission."

"All of our children in the past have gone to the Russell Child Development Center and we have nothing but great things to say about their service and care."

"My daughter was in the last graduating class at the Center and had been enrolled previously for 3 years, ages 2 to 5. Tested #3 in Omaha Public Schools for all pre-K students taking the test in Omaha. She did not turn 5 until the summer and took the test at age 4 when other kids taking the test were age 5."

"I feel the (Center) is a vital part of the University. I absolutely love the teachers, the structure and the activities offered."

"It was an important issue for us when we considered coming to Creighton. The presence of a readily accessible, well-staffed, equipped, and safe learning environment were a real selling point."

"I know that I am more focused in my work because my son is receiving quality care in an environment that is committed to his growth and development."