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Our recording studio is being renovated, so we will be on hiatus until further notice.

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Amy Haddad: Ethical Challenges in the Outpatient Setting


Mark Goodman: Ethical Perspectives from a Primary Care Physician


James Clifton: Living the Legacy of our Founders: The Catholic, Jesuit Tradition


Amy McGaha: Caring for Refugee Populations


Marian Standeven: Living the Legacy of our Founders: The Mercy Tradition


Gary George: End of Life and Hospice Care


Beth Llewellyn: Working Across Faith Traditions in Health Care – A Lutheran/Catholic Partnership


David Grandy: Observations on Innovations: The Future of Healthcare


Robyn Teply: Ethics in Pharmacy: Access to Medications


Lori Umberger: The Ethics of 'Firing' A Patient


Alison Johsnon: Ethical Challenges in Occupational Therapy 


Martha Todd: The Porto Clinic: Caring for the Underserved


Nancy Farris: Working with Patients at Home


Helen Chapple: Challenges and Opportunities at the End of Life


Caron Gray: How One Physician Lives Her Mission


Bill Baerentzen: The Lived Experience of People with Mental Illness


Anna Maio: Doctor’s Practice Involves Treating, Teaching, and Learning


Catherine O'Keefe: Health Care Providers Must Work with Parents to Treat the Child


Archana Chatterjee: Caring for Immigrant Children


Pat Callone: Nurture What Remains: Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease 


Mark Wiles: P.A.C.E: A Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly


Sheree Keely: Challenges in Providing a Continuum of Mental Health Care Services


Laura Klug: Problems Getting, Using, and Disposing of Medications


James F. Smith: Decision-making in Maternal Fetal Medicine


Charles Youngblood: Myths and Biases in Pain Management


Emily K. Trancik & Leslie Stilin Schmidt: From Host to Guest: Relational Ethics in Home Care Settings


Kris Stapp: Community Nurses Helping Vulnerable Families


Tom Svolos: New Models in Patient Care Create Conflict for Physicians


June Levine: The Revised Code of Ethics for Nurses


Deb Bass: Electronic Health Records: Concerns and Benefits


Angela Lampe & Teresa Sorensen: Navigating the Patient-Therapist Relationship


Jeffrey L. Simmons: Managing Patients’ Expectations with Cochlear Implants


Cathy Jesus: Social Workers Encounter Challenges Discharging Patients


Michael G. Kavan: Behavioral Health Services Embedded in a Primary Care Setting


Patrick Hudson: Privacy in Outpatient Surgery


Regan Mackintosh: The Challenges and Rewards in Community Health Dentistry


Asha Wurdeman: Palliative Care – What Is It and When Is It Appropriate?


Thomas Frederickson: Communication Between a Hospitalist and Primary Care Physician


Charles Filipi: Medical Education in Developing Western Hemisphere Countries


Marie Micheletto: Models for Mental Health Services Integrated in Primary Care


Heather Morgan: The Special Healthcare Needs of Geriatric Patients


Linda Jensen: NAMI Educates and Supports People Living with Mental Illness


Brenda Bergman-Evans: Nurse Practitioners in Nursing Facilities


Donna L. Polk-Primm: Providing Health Services to Urban Indians


Ann C. Mangiameli: Medical-Legal Partnerships Lead to Better Health Outcomes


Carl Middleton: Assessing Community Partners for Compatible Values and Mission


Leslie Kuhnel: Reflecting on the Role of Ethics Consultation


Catharyn Baird: Exploring Ethical Lenses


James Clifton: ERDs Offer Moral Guidance for Catholic Caregivers


Barbara Clinkenbeard: Psycho-oncology: Providing Psychiatric Care for Cancer Patients


Domingo Maynes: Palliative Care Strives to Honor Patient Goals


Mary Davey: Supporting and Educating Women about Breast Care


Ann Ryan Haddad: Interprofessional Practice at an Outpatient Clinic


Katie Packard: Free Clinic Cares for Underserved Population


Joseph Wax: Balancing Risks and Benefits of Home Births


Domingo Maynes: Shared Decision Making


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