Inside the Beltway

Health Policy in Medicine: Inside the Beltway

Eugene C. Rich, MD FACP
Senior Fellow and Director
Center on Health Care Effectiveness
Mathematica Policy Research
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Creighton University School of Medicine
Contributed-Service Faculty, CHPE

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6/1/2009: Knowing What to Do: The Truth about Comparative Effectiveness Research
7/1/2009: Late to the Feast?
8/1/2009: Assessing the Medical Home: Premium Investment or Sub-Prime Mortgage?
9/1/2009: Hot Heads vs. Cold Facts: In the Doldrums of Health Care Reform
10/1/2009: Tinkering with Science in the Politics of Health Care Reform
11/2/2009: The "Doc Fix"
12/1/2009: Testing the Limits of Certainty and the Boundaries of Reason
1/4/2010: Exotic, Dangerous and Expensive: US Health Care and the Need for Reform
4/20/2010: Making Comparative Effectiveness Research Work: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
10/4/2010: Construction Zone: Rebuilding Primary Care into Medical Homes
3/1/2011: Health Policy Engagement as an Element of Professionalism
4/14/2011: Government and Health Care: A Brief History
5/18/2011: Government and Health Care: The History of Investment in the Evidence Base for Clinical Practice
6/24/2011: Government and Health Care: A Brief History Concluded
10/13/2011: What I Have Learned "Inside the Beltway"
2/1/2012: Organizing Care for Complex Patients in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
6/5/2012: Implications of Comparative Effectiveness Research for Academic Medicine
9/21/2012: Clinicians and Health Care Advocacy
1/8/2013: The Challenge of Reforming Clinician Payment to Promote Evidence-based Care
4/15/2013: How Comparative Effectiveness Research Became Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
11/1/2013: More on Patient-Centered Outcomes
4/24/2014: Misdiagnosis and Comparative Effectiveness Research
8/15/2014: Advancing Geriatrics Research, Education, and Practice: Policy Challenges After the Great Recession
5/21/2015: Reflecting on the Recovery Act Investment in Comparative Effectiveness Research
1/11/2016: A New Way of Thinking about Measuring the Quality of Primary Care
3/14/2016: Hospital–Physician Integration: What is the Evidence?