Master of Arts

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Master of Arts - 33 credits

Candidates for the Master of Arts degree are required to complete the following:

  • An Orientation to Graduate Study (held the Sunday before the first day of class)
  • An extended retreat during the course of study
  • 18 credits of required courses
  • 15 credits of elective courses
  • A final Integration Paper of 25 pages

The eighteen required credits consist of six required courses:

  1. CSP 769: The History of Christian Spirituality or CSP 770: Called to Holiness
  2. CSP 764: Prayer and Christian Spirituality or CSP 765: Prayer, Intimacy and True Christian Growth or CSP 766: Contemplation in the Christian Tradition
  3. CSP 760: Scriptural Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  4. CSP 761: Liturgical Foundations of Christian Spirituality or CSP 762: Doctrinal Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  5. CSP 778: Biblical Roots for Peace and Justice Ministry or CSP 779: Spirituality and Social Concerns or CSP 716: Spirituality of Reconciliation: Global and Social
  6. CSP 776: Discernment of Spirits: Theory and Practice

Students may complete the degree in three years by attending two, four week sessions each summer.  Degrees must be completed within a six year period.