Program Costs


Creighton University awards all Christian Spirituality students a 50% tuition remission.

The 2020 reduced tuition rate is:  $ 464.00 per credit.

The 2020 Registration and Technology Fee: $ 182.00 per semester.

The 2020 CSP Student Activity fee is $90.00 per summer term. 


All new students are required to attend an Orientation to Graduate Study. The Orientation is held on Sunday prior to the first day of Term 1 and Term 2.



Christian Spirituality students live in McGloin Hall. Students are not required to live in the residence hall but it is one of the best ways to experience the unique Christian Spirituality community. 

Each student has a private bedroom in a two bedroom suite. The suite includes a shared bathroom and a small common living area with a refrigerator and microwave oven.


2020 McGloin Residence Hall Rates: $38.00 per night.



An optional meal plan is available for summer students.  

Summer 2020 Prices: 

  • 14 meals per week - $ 119.00
  • 19 meals per week - $ 133.00
  •  Flex 20 - $160 one time charge

The Flex 20 Meal Plan is new this summer and is modeled after our popular academic year meal plan. Students who purchase this will get a “block” of 20 meals. They will have all 20 meals loaded onto their card at once and each time they enter Brandeis, one meal will be deducted from their account. These meals, unlike the weekly plan, do not expire at the end of the week. They are good to use throughout the entire summer. This is a great option for students who only want to eat a few meals a week, or want more flexibility. If they use up all the meals on their account, they can either purchase another flex plan to “reload” or they can move to one of the weekly replenishing meal plans.

Students register for housing and meal plans online.