Returning Students

Certificate Students


Certificate students who have completed the first summer of courses (CSP 773 Exercises and CSP 780 Counseling)

1  Meet each month with your spiritual director

2  Submit your application to enroll in CSP 781 Pre-Practicum by December 1. 

3  Submit your Spiritual Direction Verification form by March 1.


Certificate students who have completed the second summer of courses (CSP 781 Pre-Practicum and CSP 776Discernment)

Turn in your practicum proposal plan.

Your practicum supervisor should turn in a background and experience form

            before you start your practicum

3  Your practicum supervisor must submit a Practicum Supervisor?s Report    

4  Applications to be a retreat director at the Creighton Retreat Center in Griswold, Iowa  are due by November 30.  Applicants will be notified of their acceptance and placement by end of January. 


If you are doing your retreat practicum at a retreat center other than Creighton University Retreat Center in Griswold, Iowa:

1  Your retreat supervisor should send his/her background and experience form in advance

2   Submit Retreat Supervisor?s Report as soon afterward the retreat as possible. 


Certificate students who have completed their third summer of courses (CSP Prayer class and CSP 782 Post-Practicum)

Register to graduate in August with the Registrar's Office by completing the

       Application for Certificate in NEST and submit it to the Graduate School

       Office or Colleen Hastings before end of the term.  Or go online to the

       Registrar's  page, Graduation/Commencement, Application for Certificate.


2  Review your personal information in your NEST account.



MA Students


MA Students who have completed their second summer of classes

1  Review your list of courses and credits to make sure you are on track to

            graduate with all of the program requirements.  Curriculum Map


MA Students who have completed their third summer of classes


1  Submit your Essay Topic for Approval form to the CSP Director.

2  Submit 2 copies of your essay by September 1 to graduate in December. 

            (February 1 to graduate in May)

3        Register to graduate in December before the Registrar?s deadline.  Go online

to your NEST account, Student Services, Student Records, Degree Application/Participation form.


NOTE  If you are receiving a Certificate and MA degree in the same year, you must wait to apply for graduation for your MA degree until after your Certificate has been issued.  Our computer system will only recognize one degree or certificate at a time.




You will find the list of courses offered and their CRN # in the NEST beside the course name.

Your online registration form is under the Student Services tab on your NEST Account.  Select the summer term and hit submit.  Then click on Add/Drop Classes.  Enter your Registration PIN # and hit submit. 

            The following options are available for entering your courses:

a.     Add/Drop Classes: type the five-digit CRN for individual courses in the spaces provided, then click Submit Changes.

b.     Look-up Classes to Add:  use the noted search criteria and click Section Search.  Click in the select field to choose courses you would like to add, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add to Worksheet.

c.      Web Registered appears next to classes that have successfully been added to your schedule.  You may also encounter a Registration Add Error.  If this happens, contact Eileen Burke-Sullivan or Colleen Hastings.

Before logging off, confirm that your registration has been submitted and verify your schedule by viewing it on Student Detail Schedule (under the student services tab).


You have the option to register for classes on paper.  Students should fill out a 2017 Summer Registration form.  The CSP division is Graduate School.  You may leave Class/Type blank.   The CRN is the Course Registration Number found in the NEST.  Term 1 is Section A. Term 2 is Section B.  You must sign the form at the bottom and return it to Colleen Hastings or Mariana Miller via email, fax, or postal mail.  


ID Card

Please remember to bring your student ID card with you each year you return.


Housing & Meals

Please complete the Summer Residence Hall Application which is done online.  Campus Meal Plans (optional) are listed at the bottom of the first page.  A deposit is not required for summer housing.  Be sure to read and sign the second page.  Contact Residence Life by phone at 402-280-3900 or by email for housing and dining questions. 



You can see your grades by going into your NEST account.  Look under Student Services, then Student Records.



The following books will be needed for your classes. 2017 Book List   * Notes there is a book or other course materials to be purchased from the instructor on the first day of class.  This material is not available at the traditional bookstores or online sources. 


Parking Permits

Parking stickers may be obtained from Campus Public Safety at 23rd & Burt Streets  in the Walt Jahn Building, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.




Certificates are awarded in August of each year.  All Certificates are mailed to you.  Students earning a Certificate will not participate in a university wide graduation ceremony, only the CSP Graduation Mass and Dinner held at the end of the term just for CSP graduates.  Certificate Students must submit an Application to Graduate before the end of Term 2.  


MA Degrees are awarded in December to allow time to grade student essays.  If you submit your essay after the September 1 deadline, you will have to wait until May to graduate.  MA students must register to graduate online in your NEST account.  After you log in, go to Student Services, then Student Records, then Degree Application/Participation form. 


*NOTE* If you are receiving a Certificate and MA in the same year, you must wait until you have received your Certificate and before the October 15 deadline to Register to Graduate online.  The computer system will only recognize one degree or certificate at a time.


There is no university wide graduation ceremony in August.

There is a university hooding ceremony in December for MA and doctoral graduates.

There is a large, university graduation ceremony in May for undergraduate and graduate students receiving degrees.


More Questions?

Please review the Summer Sessions webpage to find the answers to many of your questions.