CSW Bylaws


Article I- Statement of Objectives

This organization shall assist the President of the University and have as its ultimate purpose the assurance that every effort is expended to give equal consideration to women in all phases of operation of the University and to create an environment equally supportive of achievement by both men and women. It shall endeavor to ensure full participation and encouragement of contributions from women pursuing the overall goals of the University.


Article II- Membership

Members shall be chosen in the manner indicated below. Student, Staff, Administration, and Faculty representatives are to be selected in the spring to begin membership September 1st.

Section 1

The committee shall be made up of the following segments of the University community: administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni.

a. There shall be six members appointed by the President (administration).

b. There shall be six members elected by the faculty.

c. There shall be six members determined by the Staff Advisory Council.

d. There shall be six members appointed by the Creighton Student Union.

e. There shall be two representatives designated from the Alumni Association.

Section 2

It shall be the responsibility of the Committee Chair to notify the selecting group or officer indicated above of vacancies occurring and to request that appropriate attention be given to male and minority group representation.

Section 3

The following people shall serve as ex-officio members of the committee, per the University Statutes:

- Assistant/Associate Vice Provost for Student Life

- Director of the Lieben Center for Women

- Assistant/Associate Vice President for Human Resources

- Executive Director for Equity and Inclusion

- Director of the Russell Child Development Center

- Public Relations Coordinator

- Director of Public Safety

- Senior Woman Administrator for Athletics

Section 4

Membership of the Committee, except for those who serve as ex officio and students, shall be for a term of three years with the election or appointment at staggered intervals. Members maybe re-elected or re-appointed for one subsequent term, after which time they will be ineligible for election or appointed to that committee for one term or three years.

Section 5

Special Consultants: Members of the University community possessing certain qualifications and expertise may be invited by the Committee to serve as Special Consultants on a temporary or indefinite basis


Article III- Election of Officers

Section 1

Officers of this organization shall be a chair, a vice chair, secretary and a treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by and from among the membership of the Committee to serve for a period of one year.


Elections for all offices shall be held in the spring for the terms of office to begin in May and end in April of the following year.

Section 3

Ex officio members can serve as officers.

Section 4

Officers of this organization shall be a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by and from among the membership of the Committee. Secretary and treasurer will serve for a period of one year. Vice chair shall serve one year and then succeed to position of chair for one year. Candidates for vice-chair must be able to serve for two years (one as vice chair, one as chair) to be eligible for election.

Section 5

Should an incoming officer step down from his/her position before or during her/his term, the previous officer may be reelected for a term of one-year. If the previous officer is no longer on the committee or does not want to continue in the position, nominations will be taken and a new officer will be elected from the organization.


Article IV- Duties

Section 1

The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and call special meetings, represent the Committee at various functions, and be responsible for the general welfare of the group and its members. The chair shall be an ex-officio member of all sub-committees.

Section 2

The Vice-Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair, and shall perform such other duties as prescribed by the organization or requested by the Chair.

Section 3

The Secretary shall prepare and distribute the minutes of each meeting to all members and the President of the Creighton Student Union, issue notices of all meetings (regular and special), maintain the records of the Committee including copies of all minutes, correspondence and complete list of members.

Section 4

The Treasurer shall prepare a monthly report on the income and expenditures of the Committee and be responsible for the payment of bills accrued for Committee programs.


Article V- Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. It shall have the power to carry on the business of the Committee between regular meetings, subject to the approval of the membership at the next regular meeting.


Article VI- Meetings

Section 1

Regular meetings of this Committee shall be held once a month during the academic year.

Section 2

Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair or by a petition of a majority of the members.

Section 3

A majority of the membership of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Ex-officio members of the Committee shall be full voting members of the Committee.

Section 4

After the third consecutive absence, members will be contacted by the Chair to see if further membership on the Committee is desired.

Section 5

The first meeting of each new school term will begin with a presentation on the history, structure, and mission of the Committee.


Article VII- Amendments

These by-laws may be amended by a two-third vote of the members present and voting at any regular or special meeting, provided that notice has been sent to each member at least a week before such meeting. After voting on such amendments, the approved form must be sent to the President for final approval who will, in turn, send it to the Committee on Statutes for inclusion on the University Statutes.


Approved October 7, 2014