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Health and Wellness Development

Empower Others to Take Control of Their Well-Being

Many of the factors that determine an individual’s health are environmental and behavioral, not medical. Preventing and reversing chronic disease often isn’t a matter of chance – it requires education in healthy lifestyle behaviors across the lifespan.

Through our lifestyle medicine courses, your team can explore the many factors that impact an individual’s health – from nutrition to exercise to sleep to stress and more – and how to effectively communicate strategies and behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle. In line with Creighton University’s Jesuit values, participants will learn to take a caring, whole-person approach to working with individuals to better their health.

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Jennifer Metzler
Director, Business Development

Training to Fit Your Organizations Needs

Depending on the needs of your organization, we can set up training in specific areas or help your employees work toward our Lifestyle Medicine badge. The badge consists of two courses:

We also offer the following training opportunities:

Health and Wellness Certificate

In addition, if employees would like to pursue further training, these courses can count toward: