Reading Skills Programs for Children and Adults
Reading Skills Programs for Children and Adults

Creighton University is pleased to offer eight different speed reading and reading skills programs which are taught by professional instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Each program in this series produces a significant boost in reading skill and comprehension, and also helps to stimulate a lifelong interest in reading for pleasure.

Of all the things parents do for their children, there are very few as important as helping them to develop a love of books and the habit of reading independently for pleasure. The benefits of enjoying reading last a lifetime. Reading well profoundly affects your child's academic and professional success, and it also shapes your child's character. No matter what your child's age, level of reading skill, and current attitude toward books, it's never too late to develop a love of reading.

Instructors are drawn from the faculty of the Institute of Reading Development, and all curriculum and materials have been approved by Creighton University, College of Professional Studies (formerly University College). Parent and student evaluations indicate that these programs are remarkably successful in turning poor readers into good readers and good readers into great readers.

I encourage you to enroll in a reading program this summer.

Registration & Information
For more information or to register, call one of our Program Directors at 1-800-964-8888, 7 am - 9 pm Monday-Friday, 7 am - 6 pm Saturday, 8 am - 6 pm Sunday.