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Program 2: Independent Reading Skills for Entering 2nd Graders

Phonics & Word Attack - Comprehension - Love of Reading

This program helps students strengthen independent reading skills. Your son or daughter will build confidence while learning and practicing these skills, including phonics, word-attack skills, multi-syllable words, sight vocabulary, reading aloud with expression, silent reading, and comprehension skills.

Our long term goal is to help you make sure your child becomes an avid reader. Children who read for pleasure, outside of school, become strong readers and confident students, whose lives are enriched through contact with great literature.

Instructors are drawn from the faculty of the Institute of Reading Development. Curriculum design and instructor training are supervised by Paul Copperman, a Presidential appointee to the National Council on Educational Research, and the author of Taking Books to Heart: How to Develop a Love of Reading in Your Child.

This lively and engaging class is conducted as a workshop, a format that facilitates full participation and allows the instructor to provide individual attention and the appropriate level of challenge and encouragement for each student. Class is divided into short segments, each devoted to a stimulating activity. During class, the teacher models activities and skills to the class as a group, and then coaches individual students as they practice and gain confidence with their new skills as applied to great children's literature. At home, students continue to practice these skills in workbooks and in books they select based upon personal interest.

Class meets for two hours, once a week for five weeks. Your child will practice at home for 30-45 minutes, four times per week. Parents are invited to attend parent meetings at the end of the first and last lessons.


Phonics & Word-Attack Skills:
The program includes direct instruction in phonics and word-attack skills. This is provided though in-class instruction, as well as through the highly successful and engaging workbook and audio CD, Pole and Vole and the Quest for the Book of Language. This workbook and CD provide phonics instruction in an adventure story format.

See sample pages from Pole and Vole and the Quest for the Book of Language (PDF document).

Comprehension Skills:
Students learn to ask questions about the story and characters, and to relate the elements of each story to their own lives. In this way our students become active readers with strong comprehension. Finally, students learn to imagine more clearly what is described by the author, identify more completely with the thoughts and feelings of characters, and actively anticipate what comes next in the story.

Independent Reading Skills:
Through class activities and home practice, your child will develop a larger sight vocabulary. Students also practice reading with expression and handling punctuation consistently, making the process of getting through words less choppy, labored, and distracting. As a result, students are able to read more fluently and concentrate more clearly on the content.

All of the materials we use are designed to build independent reading skills and encourage a love of reading. Students receive a phonics workbook, Pole and Vole and the Quest for the Book of Language. This beautifully- illustrated workbook (with accompanying CD's) will hold your child's interest and generate enthusiastic participation because it uses adventure stories, characters, and music to teach phonics skills. Participants also receive a Course Workbook and Parent Manual, which contains in-class exercises, homework activities for each week of the course, and, for parents, a detailed overview of all skills and activities contained in the program.

See sample pages from the Course Workbook and Parent Manual (PDF document).

You and your child will also receive the Reading Development Booklist, an important tool for building strong reading skills and the lifelong habit of reading for pleasure. The Reading Development Booklist summarizes hundreds of the very best children's books. By using the recommendations, which are organized by level of difficulty, you and your child will know what books to choose and what sequence to read them in. Your child's instructor will evaluate your child's stage of reading development and provide guidance on where your child should begin in the booklist.

See sample pages from Reading Development Booklist (PDF document).

Tuition is $299.

Registration & Information
For more information or to register, call one of our Program Directors at 1-800-964-8888, 7 am - 9 pm Monday-Friday, 7 am - 6 pm Saturday, 8 am - 6 pm Sunday.

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